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January / February 2015

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Featured Content - January February 2015

    January Februrary 2015 Cover
  • SEMA 2014
  • Camp Bungendore
  • Jeeps head outback
  • Chief gets a face-lift
  • What's on the other side?
  • Global Jamboree
  • Xmas Bash 2014 – Return to Bonfire
  • Jamieson Snow Country with MJOC
  • Cmp Bungendore and Beyond
  • CJ7 The Lump
  • Tech - A quick guide to 4.0l cylinder heads, CouplerTec Electronic Rustproofing, Currie Differentials, Out in the Shed @ Jeep Action, Jeep Hospital
  • Classifieds - Jeeps for Sale - see gallery link above
  • Jeep Clubs of Australia
  • Upcoming Jeep Events


Michael at the Jeep Jamboree in Moab in October

Welcome to the first issue of Jeep Action for 2015. I hope you have been enjoying your Christmas holidays and had a chance to get out and about in your Jeep.

This issue we feature some of the Jeep Action from late last year including Camp Bungendore, the Outback Challenge, a club trip and SEMA, which many of our advertisers travel to each year.
Camp Bungendore was Jeep Action's first camp in addition to our annual Camp Coffs. ......Full editorial

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