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Sept / October 2014 Edition

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Featured Content - September / October 2014

    Sept October 2014 Cover
  • "Jeepness" * Lowell's Definition...
  • Outback, Desert and Jeeps
  • Jeeps galore at the Heartland Museum of military vehicles,
    Lexington, Nebraska
  • Brisbane Jeep Club returns to
    Emu Creek
  • Mopar Sunday 2014
  • JeepTruck.com custom '76 J-Truck
  • Classic Not Plastic
  • Maj's Magic XJ
  • Dargo to Walhalla with MJOC
  • Grand Design - some Jeepers reports' on the Grand Cherokee
  • Memories of Mark A. Smith
  • Tech - Tremec Gearboxes, Out in the Shed @ Jeep Action, Jeep Hospital
  • Classifieds - Jeeps for Sale
  • Jeep Clubs of Australia, Jeep Classifieds


Michael at the Jeep Jamboree in Moab in October

It has been a busy couple of months with lots of Jeep Action happening around Australia. Jeep clubs have been active with trips, the Classic not Plastic event was held, and another great Mopar Sunday has come and gone.

Global Jamboree has held one of their yearly events and some of our advertisers have been running day trips for their customers.

Looking forward, the Jeep Action is set to continue. In late September the WA Jeep Safari is on and a week later we are holding our inaugural Camp Bungendore. ......Full editorial

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